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STAMP-Cult Hunting Tales: Rave Edition
Twas a normal day in Loc Lac. Founder of the STAMP-Cult, Rave was wandering about 'til he finally set down at the usual tavern. He takes a few sips of Ace's newest batch of poison.
Rave: Yeesh... Ace didnt quite make this right. -dumps it into an unsuspecting hunter's mug-
Rave then gets up and walks over to the quest board.
Rave: Lets see whats good this time....
He looked closely at the quests to find that most didnt interest him all too much.
Rave: Hmm.... whats this one?
He grabbed a peculiar looking quest, one which required meeting the client first. He took the quest over to the Guild Sweetheart.
Guild Sweetheart: Thank you for choosing a quest. Though this one was almost cancelled since its almost been two weeks since it was posted.
Rave: Then its a good thing I decided to take it up. But its a wonder why no one else accepted it.
Guild Sweetheart: Well even though some details are vague it still counts as a valid quest and is aimed toward the more skilled hunters. But I
:iconrave002:Rave002 2 9
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my god it's been ages since I click on this website. thought I'd check out what I used to have here way back when. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. So is changing to skype as a main ways of communication with friends lol
anyway, wonderful to know some of you were interested in seeing a sign of life from this otherwise dead post history. If you care to chat sometime though feel free to message me, I'll try to check out if anyone does for a few days. Other than that, have some fun there's plenty to look at and do with a computer.
    See ya!
So after having played monster hunter tri Ultimate for so long I, and noticing that they're are and always will be new people to the series out there I thought I should try making some sort of way to help them and maybe some extra people out. So, I'll start with the first entry of Ace's hunting guide  (my hunting screen name is Ace).
So we'll start off with Qurupeco, which is also called Peco and "Duck" on occaison by onlline players. Qurupeco will be the first flying monster most players encounter and can be a major annoyance once you reach high rank or G rank, but I'll explain that later.
The first thing to notice about qurupeco are his beak and flintstones, both of which can be broken quite easily (for dual sword and sword and shield users you'll want to attack his beak while he's flying, lowers his head or when you trip him due to the weapons naturally having mediocre attacking range).
For fighting qurupeco in D. Island you'll find qurupeco spawns in Area 7, just next to Area 6 where you find Jaggi, Jaggia and/or Great Jaggi. In the Desert Qurupeco will spawn in Area 4.
Qurupeco will usually fly to an adjacent area, but will occaisonally skip area and thus leave players completely confused about where he flew off to. This is why most people find it easier to paintball Qurupeco when there isn't a tracker on the team.
For D. Island Qurupeco will most likely be fought in areas 7,8,5,9,10 and rarely 2. When weakened to a limp he will fly off to Area 8 to rest.
When in the Desert area he will move between areas 4,3,8,10, and 7. when weakened he will limp away to area 11, however if he is in area4 when he starts limping he'll go straight to area7, then to 10 and if not there, to area11.
Attacks to avoid
Now for actually fighting the Qurupeco
Qurupeco has a decent variety of attacks, covering short, medium, and long range.
The main attacks to really worry about however are the following.
Spit attack: spits three globs of green saliva that will greatly lower your resistances (back on tri it would only lower your fire resistance)
It's best to avoid this attack at all costs since it can lead to qurupeco nailing you with a OHKO (one hit knock out) with his fire attack.
Flintstone attack: will clack his flintstones together twice and then lunge forward and create a small burst of fire in front of him.
-This attack is very often used by Qurupeco, making it one to learn to avoid as it can and will leave a mark. he can chain it up to three times and will usually end it with a taunt or fly backwards. Another key thing to notice is that he will only home in on one player so long as that player doesn't get killed during the attack. Also, this attack leaves qurupeco open everywhere but in front of him, making it ideal to attack him from behind.
Monster call: Although not an attack, this is a move that can completely ruin your hunt if your unlucky, and one of the reasons people hate fighting Qurupeco at High and G rank.
-If you don't have a sonic bomb to use when he tries calling another monster, pray he calls just a Great Jaggi or some minion monsters...
-Plan B. if you have someone using a hunting horn with a yellow-yellow note combo they can use they're horn similar to a sonic bomb or if you have a gunner, a crag or clust shot can also cancel out his call. If not that, use the flash bomb you might have.
Plan C: plain and simple... BEAT HIM UP HARD if you make him flinch, the call will most likely fail... unfortunately there are occasions where it does succeed...
Ideal Items to have when fighting Qurupeco:
SONIC BOMBS!!! Unless your wicked OP (overpowered) or have plenty of confidence in your team you need to bring these along
DUNG BOMBS: these are your back up if you happen to run out of sonic bombs, a wandering monster appears or if it turns out your team is way in over they're heads trying to fight the deviljho that happened to show up.
Flash Bombs: work just like sonic bombs, just less reliable since Qurupeco turns his head while calling a monster. Also work great if you flash him while he's flying around (he'll fall down and give you a few seconds of free hits on his head, and free hits are awesome)
Shock-Pitfall traps: not neccesary, but could come in handy if you have trouble breaking qurupeco's beak or flints.
cool drinks: Only consider if your fighting him in the desert; however, more often than not you won't need them.
Weapon tips
  • Great Sword, believe it or not, you will have a lot of oppurtunities to charge up and anihalate qurupeco. Qurupeco has poor recovery time when using his spit attack and from landing after flying. Being able to block can come in handy as well.
  • Sword and Shield: A: you got mobility, defensive capabilities and your low attack range won't be much of a problem. B: If you work hard enough you can stun him with your shield attacks and get enough time to smash Peco's beak.
  • Gunlance: has a high stagger rate thanks to having shells and wyvern fire, so you got a good chance of flinching him if he tries healing or buffing himself up (do NOT consider it very reliable for canceling a monster call because wyvern fire will take too long to cancel its call). another bonus is that if your just starting out and don't have green sharpness you can shell away half the time.
  • Longsword: great for tripping him up and knocking him over since most of your spirit attacks will hit his legs. Spirit attacks won't bounce either when you attack him too, making it an ideal weapon for when you start out or want to make sure you break a flintstone.
  • Bowgun: no bouncing, your usually too far to get hit by most of his attacks and you cancel out his calls and buffs with a simple crag or clust shot. Depending on whether your using heavy or light your mobility will help as well. Just beware its flintsone attack, it can cover a good distance with it.
  • Hammer: Great for wailing at his beak, chest and legs. Also, with a properly distanced super pound you can damage his head (as long as it's not a huge qurupeco), however this type of attack strategy takes some practice and can be tricky to pull off. Regardless, you can smash his face when he flies around since he keeps it low to the ground.
  • Bow: Since I don't bow Qurupeco very much I unfortunately don't have as much info as a pro about this weapon choice. However, pierce arrows are rather hopeless on qurupeco due to his lack of length in body, a pierce arrow won't be hitting him very much and shouldn't be highly considered. Spread arrows can be a reasonable choice as long as you keep close, don't run to far and maintain the distance needed to hit him with all of your arrows if possible. Rapid arrows, and this is my opinion since I'm not a pro bower, are your best choice. Rapid arrows are ideal for breaking monster parts, and breaking Qurupeco's beak is a huge advantage if the hunt drags on. Arc shots are up to you in terms of my experience and lastly coatings to use really depend on whether hunting alone or in a group. Sleep bombing is viable, though not neccesary in a group, however slime poison and paralysis coatings can be useful. the other coatings go without mention as I'm sure most bow users no all about those.
  • Switch axe: basically just as viable as a longsword, just that your range is better for attacking the head. Using sword mode is advised if hunting in a group of hunters and everyone is a melee user, the switch-axe is very infamous for its friendly fire
  • Hunting horn: Due to lacking experience with this weapon even more so than with a Bow I'll have to say that this weapon may be a viable choice solo since it has a very nice range on it and has the super-sonic waves buff that can make your horn work just like a sonic bomb (how exactly to perforn this I'm not sure...) as well as the buffs you can provide for your team in order to counter or get the upper hand on qurupeco.

well now that I've covered as much as I could think of for hunting a Qurupeco I hope this information is useful for everyone who is new to hunting qurupeco or just wanted to see if they found any new info on "Duck" hunting in general.

Until the next issue, See ya round.

  • Listening to: video game characters screaming in fear of rabbids
  • Watching: My lil sis playing "Rabbids go home"
  • Playing: Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate
  • Eating: hotdogs
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Dave's just my nickname, picked it up randomly. I'm a hunter on tri if you've heard of it and I'm not that bad at imagining things up.
If your curious why I don't have a photo where I have a drawing on this file, that's because I don't own a photo camera( let alone a digital one... ).
Also I have created several I suppose they can be called stories since only a few people know about them, but each one is original and meant to be read not so much as a book but imagined like a t.v. show.
I'm also an adept hunter, though I can be pretty blunt and can ramble on a bit, but I've always done things in good humor, not to be mean.

My hunter's name is: Ace
Set leanings: Mixed
Weapons of choice:Tri GS, Axe, Hammer, Lance. (anything underused or standard teir)
Unite: GS Hammer LS (sometimes GL (gunlance)
Hunter Rank: Tri: 409 Unite: HR9 (Grank *** if you want to be technical)
If you want to hunt, try searching me up on saturday, (busy on weekdays).
STAMP member#3 Ace -The Human Roach-


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